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2" square 12 gauge tube availability.


Nov 19, 2017
Greenville, SC
I've been asked to build a a hydraulic squeeze arrangement to stabilize some bales stacked on 9 feet high pallets.
I need 2" square tube to allow 1-3/4" square tubing to slide inside - 2" square, 12 gauge.
I called all my local suppliers near Greenville SC, with no luck.
PASteel out of Gastonia, Charlotte, NC, has some in Long Island, NY. (Pennsylvania Steel).
They're going to bring one - 24 ft stick from NY, and deliver that with a 24 ft stick of 3" x 2" x 3/16", and a stick of 1-3/4" square 11 ga for $391 total.
I'm pretty impressed with that service.
Shout out to PASeel !
What do you do about the welding flash on the inside?
The pieces I've got before have minimal flash, so not a problem.
There should be about 15 thou clearance on each side.
For short pieces I can usually file out any flash. For longer pieces, make a simple broach tool out of a piece of 1-3/4" tube and let in a HSS blank. Push or pull it through the tube.
In theory I believe there is seamless square tube available, but I've never seen it.
Tube arrived and first step in fabrication done.
1-3/4" square moves nicely in the 2" x 12 ga tube. No internal flash.
Got to take my time and plan the welding very carefully now.


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