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2017 Kent Lathe TRL1340 - Vermont


Jul 6, 2016
I purchased two of these Lathes from an auction, one went to my brother and I was keeping the 2nd. We just had the land behind us pop up for sale, I don't want to sell the lathe but I also want the land for a new shop and shooting range so here it is. Asking $9500.

Kent Link: TRL - 1340 Specs

2017 Kent TRL1340, almost no use, only found brass and aluminum chips. Still has the plastic on the sheet metal plates.
5hp 220v 3 Phase 2 speed motor
Steady Rest
Follow Rest
Coolant pump
Fagor DRO
Tool box with factory accessories

I pulled my phase convertor out of storage to run it. If you'd like a video of it running, I can do that as well.

The bad:
No chuck, I kept the 4-jaw for my brother.
The fiberglass cover was cut to install a collet closer. (Closer not included)
DRO has some dim cells, they show up a little better in the picture.
There are a few dings in the cross slide, see pictures.
I did some paint touch up and have a little more to do on the dark gray bases and brake.

The lathe is right inside the door of my garage and on a skid, a roll back wrecker would take 5 minutes to load. I also have a truck and trailer and am willing to spend a Saturday/Sunday in the New England area delivering it. I head to NW Ohio on a monthly basis, if you're along 80/90 or around Toledo/Fort Wayne/Detroit, I'd be willing to discuss options. If I'm transporting, we'd need to go over some details 1st. The lathe is located in Barre, Vermont, my email is [email protected] and my number is 7576042649. Texting is best to reach me, I may or may not be available to answer calls 8-5pm, but will call back asap. I also have more pictures, if you don't see what you need, I will get them for you.


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Ohio buyers, If you're on the fence about these lathes and would like to see one, I can arrange a visit to see my brother's lathe. They are exact copies.
Yes it is a gap bed, I've attached a picture of it with the 4 jaw chuck. I'm in the Barre area.
Should a Chaiwan lathe cost this much? Looks just like the Precision Mathews no? Not trying to flame - just curious about the market as I'm always looking for a larger lathe and this one is a pretty good size/well equipped!
Those tapered jackscrews for locating the gap piece are similar to what's keying my SIP's columns to the base. Nice design detail.
I was taken back when I got the quote from Kent. My landed price from Kent is a little over 19k with the DRO, Aloris and freight. This is direct from Kent so maybe your local dealer can work with you. If anyone is interested I can private message you the quote.

As to the PM lathes. I think the closest option from PM is their 1440 and is 450lbs less than the smaller Kent. I have not seen one in person so can't really say what other differences there are but the controls do look a little cheaper. Those cost 13.5k shipped but you get the larger swing and a warranty.

The lathe is clean and not a project. We had the other one leveled and cutting a couple hours after we unloaded it.
Nice lathe, I wish I had the room for a lathe that long. It's in better shape than the shorter one I have, that's for sure, and couldn't be closer to home.

Good luck with it!
Nice lathe, I wish I had the room for a lathe that long. It's in better shape than the shorter one I have, that's for sure, and couldn't be closer to home.

Good luck with it!
Thanks, if you find room or know anyone else who would be interested just let me know.