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2HP inverter duty motor and VFD for Rockwell/Delta 11 metal lathe?


May 13, 2023
Greensboro, NC
I just aquired a Delta/Rockwell 11" metal lathe.

I happen to have on hand an Allen Bradley 2 HP 1725 RPM 230/460 volts...(see pic for nameplate.

I'm thinking of using this motor for the Rockwell lathe.

Any thoughts and suggestions on what VFD I might use and what amperage input (220 single phase) I'd need?

Thanks in advance everyone!


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I checked to see what I had in storage and came up with this Hitachi model.
If I'm reading this correctly it should work for this application and run on a 20 amp 220 circuit.

Any thoughts?

Again, thanks in advance.


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It should be able to run off of a 20A 220V circuit although the manual recommends 30A. Pretty old model, haven't seen that model before. There is also a new version of the Wj200 drive at the same price (c1-015lfu2). They are good reliable drives, although the Automation Direct GS21-22P0 is less and should work just as well.
I see what you are saying about the amperage. It's just a tad over 20 amp but probably ok if I keep it at less than 100%.
I bought that Hitachi unit about 25 years ago to run a cheap Chinese spindle and the drive as outlasted the spindle.
I may give it a try and if I have problems I'll probably go ahead and upgrade to the one you suggested.
Thank you!