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3D engraving in Mastercam


Dec 31, 2020
I'm a relatively new Mastercam user, and I have some engraving to do on a curved surface.

Engraving depth needs to be constant, ±.004. Curvature of the surface changes Z by 0.072 at the extents of the symbol, and it's a spline, not an arc. Vertical machine but we can use 4th axis.

We're using Mastercam 2024. Not sure where to start with programming so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Write the lettering as 2D, do a 2D contour toolpath and use Axis Substitution at the bottom of the toolpath parameters under "Rotary Axis Control".
You aren’t giving enough info. Cutter size and shape how much you are wrapping around etc. I have done a lot of engraving without using the 4th with 1mm ball nose cutters 2d geometry projected onto a curved surface and then a 3d contour.
Do you have 3 axis or two axis? If 3 axis go to the 3D toolpaths and use the "curve" toolpath type. If 2D on a 3D curve, set the curve option type to 3D from 2D.