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45° with radius does not work

Oh, I understand your point perfectly, but I'm in the same camp as other respondents, and I suspect, the majority of onlookers of this Thread, to your suggestion of dumbing down programs to the lowest denomination control that you have on the floor and circumvent the use of any of the superior features of the later controls.

I hope that the Competent shop that you work for doesn't fall for paying for all the useful options that won't be used on any new machine they may purchase.

Fanuc actually provide a parameter bit to circumvent the mixing of Workshift Offsets and Coordinate System Setting with G50. But you wouldn't know that, for it seems you don't get up to speed as to what command for various controls do, by reading the operating manuals. For your convenience, following is an extract from such manual.

When bit 2 (G50) of parameter No. 1202 is set to 1, executing the G50
command results in the issue of P/S alarm No. 10. This is designed
to prevent the user from confusing coordinate systems.

Or should I have taken a screen shot of the page and Posted it here as proof; after all, it seems in your mind, I could have made the former comment up and simply typed it.