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4Sale Suburban Master Grind


Hot Rolled
Jan 28, 2008
emporium pa
FS Suburban Master Grind model MG-5CV-S1, Serial no. 2142. Comes with New 5C collet draw bar. Indexes every 5 degrees. No movable stops or V block. Spins free with no apparent issues. Can be used on surface grinder or milling machine. 750.00+ actual shipping with insurance.
Still available and ready to set on your grinder or mill. The 5C taper makes for quick and easy work holding. Add a 3 or 4 jaw chuck on a 5C shank or faceplate to increase versatility. The original V block is available from Suburban. Nice unit, price drop to 675.00+ shipping
Thank you spaeth!!!
The item was received in bomb-proof packaging exactly as described!! Much appreciation for the care you took.