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522 Illegal Macro Variable Assignment - P Cool Position


Apr 24, 2019
I'm running a 2004 VF5, software version 13.08N. I'm trying to write P Cool offsets with #3401-#3600 but I get a 522 alarm stating "A variable was referenced for writing. The variable is read-only". I'm pretty positive this is NOT a read-only macro variable. I've compared settings with other machines that work as expected with no 522 alarm. Has anyone run into this?

Note I can read (#600=#3401) the values just fine, writing (#3401=10) is where I get the error.
Do you have macro editing enabled under settings?
IIRC its on the same page as parameter/9000s program locks. Settings, enter 7 or 23 and cursor down will get you there
Thanks for your idea!
Settings 119(Offset) & 120(Macro Variable) are both "OFF". I'm using macros for probing & storing data in #600-699 & #800-899 just fine on the same machine.
The machine will alarm out when it reads something incorrect into the buffer also. Check the next few lines after #3401=10 too.
I just ran this in MDI (with & without look ahead turned on)
No luck.
Same error happens in a Memory program too.
Are the other machines 13.08N I ran into something similar one time w/ a late 90's VF and a different Haas OS' version. Just a thought.
Here's what I found on other machines.
2004 - M13.04F - 522 alarm
2006 - M15.06E - No alarm, works fine
2003 - M12.11N - 522 alarm
It looks like this might be a 2004 and earlier issue.