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A humble request for mentor. Potential new shop.

Brokering without any in house capability doesn't strike me as the ideal option, but one big plus is seeing what the demand actually is. Maybe it is small mill work, or 5 axis, or maybe it's actually turning that would rake in the PO's.

CTFL, can you weld? Welding equipment is a fraction of machine tools, and may open up some doors on the way to getting a shop set up.

I have done some welding.
I'll never forget, after I got done the owner of shop came in fab shop took one look and said:

" Looks a damn DIRT DOBBER welded that. Fails on appearance alone!" LOL

I'll figure it out LOTT, thanks for everything. Cheers :cheers:
Do you own or rent your home?
Have family restrictions that ight keep you from moving 45 minutes away from Houston?

I would highly suggest getting away from Houston proper if at all possible! I moved away from Sugarland years ago and set up southwest east of Navasota. 50 minutes away from BassTool and 18 minutes away from carbide tool and industrial supply.

Grimes County is 1 County away from Harris and that changes a ton of regulations most people have never heard about. My insurance rates are much lower, If you are out of the Navasota city limits there are no building permits or inspections required, no zoning, the gasoline is even blended differently and most importantly the speed limit even goes from 65 to 75 mph! Being outside the city limits my sales tax rate even drops to 6.75% so I gain another advantage over competition when I have to charge sales tax.

I found a property that had a double wide and 25 acres and over the years built a new house and a 40 x 60 building. At the time I think my total payments were about 1500 a month. worked hard to pay it all off so today my Shop rent is 0.

I would look around for some sort of property that had at least a pole barn to get started and cut that 10 K monthly expense down as far as possible.
Managing labor costs can help greatly. Tech colleges, veterans organizations. Skilled labor may be available for part time work. This can help you start until you have enough business for full time employment. Just be sure to interview well and watch to make sure their quality is acceptable.
I am very analytical and can generally reach optimal decisions but I am ignorant to many business concepts
That's a problem right there. You'll spend all your time analyzing everything to death and never "take the plunge." RUNNING and building a business takes guts, instinct, risk, stamina, and dumb luck. Leave the analytics for actual jobs, not the business.
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