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A small Deckel Nerd contest

Martin P

Aug 12, 2004
Germany in the middle towards the left
Yesterday I was cleaning this grungy original Deckel tooling cabinet. It is one of the slim ones with the 5 drawers and the wood inserts. I took out all the drawers for cleaning and under the bottom drawer I found 2 bags: One small plastic bag with used SOE parts (OK even small things give me joy) and one unopened small paper bag.
So I opened the paper not knowing what to expect and found this:

If you know what this is you can call yourself a Deckel Nerd.
Raise your hand but don't yell it out yet.
Tip: this hardware has been in this cabinet from new and is now around 50 to 60 years old.
This better be good..... I've expended two brain cells on that image... something to do with a Deckel nerd's lawnmower perhaps... :leaving:
sorry its anticlimactic.
When you bought the tooling cabinets, you could combine them with other Deckel tooling cabinets side by side, or you could use them stand-alone.
For attaching them to each other there are 4 holes on each side. The screws, washers and wing nuts are for bolting the cabinets together (on one side only). The 8 plastic plugs are for plugging the holes up on both sides if the cabinet is used without any connection to other cabinets.

This company made model cars.
I also got this with it, as well as some model cars and piece parts of model cars.
They did some amazing stuff. Unfortunately all 50 people got laid off when the owner wanted to retire and his kids did not want to continue. So the kids just sold the molds en-bloc to a competitor and cashed out all the other stuff to a machine dealer.

I do not know what the purpose of these models was within the design/production process.