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Jul 23, 2009
Midwest usa
Well, our Saber 1000 hard drive pooped out a month ago. I just installed a new hard drive and setup the video and displays. The control makes it to the milling control but at the bottom of the screen it says"machine power permission". On the old hard drive after it was all loaded It would say "machine power required" and I just had to push the green power button, but that is not doing anything.
Machine power

I had this same thing happen when replacing a hard drive in our arrow. It has to do with the machine aplication software. It is not on a new hard drive & has to be down loaded. Our problem was the copy we had was not for machine w/pallet changer. We have one. So the same problem happened. Once i got the correct version it powered up fine!:willy_nilly:
Rod Man is right , New OEM hard drives are partially loaded ,
If you get the Hard Drive from Siemens , then you should get the Code
in the Option generation report sheet its a 29 digits code !
Once you enter this code , the MAI software wich also has Siemens send to you ,
has to be entered thru the floppy drive
The final step is the BCK files wich are stored also in a floopy
(Hopefully you have this floppy)

There are some guys here at the forum that know pretty well about this issue ,
3d3t , He has a lot of experience in A2100 Right 3 , ?
Thanks guys. I got the hard drive through MAG, I entered the digit code and after talking to their tech he posted the MAI and BCK filed on their site for me to download. The BCK file that he had on the site will not download though. When I click the download tab it just opens up to a 108 page long TXT file. If I just save the .TXT file to my computer and rename the file "M1Y-1475.BCK(the name it was on his site) will it load properly on the machine? I reloaded my last BCK backup on the machine for now and I can get it to power up correctly but when I try to align the axises it gets the X, Y, & Z OK but the spindle rotates about 180 degrees and then faults out with a "C axis grid align Failure". :wall: As luck would have it the tech I was working with is on vacation now until next week.
Matt , 106 -108 BCK pages its what i have also , so you should be o.k with those BCK files you have download , C axis Grid failure alarm, is something not correctly set
in the spindle parameters,