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Abene VHF-3 Z axis power-feed trouble

Apr 22, 2023
Hey folks, just acquired a VHF-3 S/N 3485. Seems to be a fairly decent machine from my extremely limited knowledge of them... Everything is working as it should except the power feed up ^ on the Z axis. Gearbox lever will not engage into the up position. Down works fine and easily slips back to neutral but can't engage upward feed. Be really great to have as I'm mainly using this for hole boring at the moment. All other power feeds work well, rapid travel works as well. Any diagrams or anything like that would be handy. Thanks!


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I have a manual but I am renovating my shop office so everything is packed up right now. Maybe another Abene owner will chime in.
Just getting in from the shop for the day here, I actually got it working late last evening. Once in my life time brute strength and stupidity has worked in my favor. I happened to find a parts manual online in one of the forums Ill see if I can post it. Anyhow I managed to see that the transmission in this thing looks quite compelling. So I figured if I have to tear it apart I should make sure it's good and broke... So I removed the handle stub and did some highly accurate hammer tapping and pipe wrench pulling and by god the linkage must have freed up because she hopped into a vertical upwards trend just like an interest rate from the bank of Canada. Works like a charm, put it straight to work on 2in plate, poked some 22mm holes down through. Not sure how I ever managed to live without this thing. Cuts my fit up and production time by hours.

On the other end of this, if you have a manual and would like to part with it id sure be interested in purchasing it. Is it an operating manual?