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Access Live Data from Fanuc Controller & make it available remotely


Feb 16, 2024
Hi all,

I am working with a very small business that is using Fanuc Controller 0i-TF and 0i-TF Plus, having a total of 4 controllers, all of which allow for Ethernet Port (and presumably, FOCAS).

Could you please guide me how can I extract data from these controllers to PC/Ra Pi and make it remotely available in real time?
Data-points that I require:
Idle Time
Down Time
Up Time
Production (per hour, per day, per shift)
Current Program Running
Cycle Time
Other data - whichever possible

I am a python developer with very basic knowledge about Focas and Fanuc, I will highly appreciate if you can guide me to:
1. Connect my controller to a PC (simple ethernet connection and IP setup?)
2. Get data from controller to PC (some specialised software, FOCAS commands or any other Git/code)
3. Get the data-points I require (I understand some of my data-points can be found by calculations, once I have some data - but how do I find the data points that I require?)

I was advised here to use Ladder99 - it is a fanuc driver that converts the Fanuc Controller data into a dashboard; however, once I set it up on my Linux - I couldn't figure out how will it connect to my Controller, and how to find out the data points it doesn't mention in it's dashboard. If anyone is interested to check this Fanuc Adapter : https://github.com/ladder99/fanuc-driver

I am open to other solutions and suggestions. Look forward to cracking this.

Thanks in advance.

Actually, I am trying to develop something myself as the client requirements doesn't allow off-site or any third-party integrations.

I am sure I can make this work, just need a little guidance about certain things.
@shubh You'll need to get the FOCAS2 Library from FANUC. I believe the part number is;

In it you'll get the documentation, libraries, connection information, etc...