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Aciera F1 Miniature Milling Machine


Dec 27, 2023
I'm selling my Aciera F1 milling machine. Made in Switzerland circa 1950, the S/N marked on the vice is 15298. This particular machine was imported to the United States by a machinery dealer in NY in the 1950s. It was purchased new, by Bulova Watch Co, in Farmingdale, NY, where it was used in manufacturing aircraft instrumentation. When Bulova closed, it was purchased by an Architect for his personal collection, where it remained until I purchased it, here on eBay, in 2019.

The machine is in perfect working order. The paint is original. There is a noticable backlash in the Y-axis, but it is still accurate.

The hand dials are marked in inches (0.0005" graduations). The X and Y axis leadscrew pitch is 0.1" per turn, and the Z axis hand dial is 0.05" per turn. The machine is very precise, and can easily hold sub-thousandth tolerances commonly needed in watchmaking.

The spindle contains a two-speed gearbox. Hi/Low gear can be selected by turning a knob on the spindle. Low-gear is 8:1 reduction, and high-gear is 1:1.

The original motor recently got a coat of epoxy paint, and lube. It is a 1/3 HP, 3300 RPM, 3PH motor. It was professionally rewired and equipped with a variable-frequency-drive (VFD) that can be powered by a 120V single-phase wall outlet (North America). The built-in circuit breaker is 3-Amp.

The VFD is wired to a control pendant. Use the pendant to Start / Stop the motor, select Foward or Reverse, and select RPM (825, 1650, 2475 or 3300). The VFD is a nice addition because there's no need to adjust the belt/pulleys in order to change RPM.

The spindle can be configured for vertical or horizontal milling as shown in the pictures.

  • Aciera F1 Milling Machine
  • Aciera F1 Vice
  • Aciera F1 flat workbed
  • Vertical Milling attachment
  • Horizontal Milling attachment
  • Aciera F1 Spindle
  • VFD with hand pendant
  • 3/16" W12 collet
  • 1/4" W12 collet
  • 5/16" W12 collet
  • 3/8" w12 collet
  • KAISER Boring Head (13/16" - 1 1/32") with W12 adapter
  • Jacobs No. 0 chuck with 5/16" shank
  • 2X machinable W12 collet blanks
  • 4X W12 misc. adapters
  • Horizontal milling arbor W12
  • 1X Parting saw
  • T-slot mounting hardware
  • Extra end stops

The actual machine weighs around 120 lbs. The iron casting has 3/8"-16 tapped holes on the botton side for mounting. Shipping weight is 150lbs. Ships UPS Ground in a nice wooden crate, as shown.


The above mill has been relisted a few times on e$ay. Just search for "Aciera F1" The buy it now price has dropped to $9,400.
No relation to the seller, just a curious F1 owner.
It's way too much money. If on the original base, with the storage for accessories (really nicely done), and the rest of the accessories*, they can bring that much, but not every day.

*In particular, one of the things that makes these the most useful is the dividing spindle and the 90 degree holder that fits the table with the 35mm hole. These are direct indexing with notched discs, and there's a universal index that fits up in place of the notched disc as well.