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Adding a USB floppy emulator to '95 VF1


Jan 6, 2020
All, I have a '95 Haas VF1 I am trying to add a floppy emulator to. Machine has software 7.14 and is the vintage with the floppy on the control cabinet not pendant. The control predates unlock codes I am pretty sure. I was able to upgrade to the full 1mb of memory by just buying the chips and soldering them in.

It has never had a floppy drive as far as I know. I purchased a Gotek emulator, a generic floppy ribbon cable and the Haas floppy power cable and hooked everything up to the video board. An area of mild concern is the latches for the ribbon cable on the video board side don't feel like they fully holdbthe cable but it seems to making contatct. I can not find any parameter on the machine to enable a floppy.

With a properly formatted USB in the emulator containing program Oxxx.nc From the list programs screen hitting F4 does nothing. Pressing F3 just writes "0." to the screen. If I type out the program name I am trying to load and hit F3 it will just add "0." To the end of what I have typed and do nothing.

Anyone one done this before and have some pointers?