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Adjustable 5C collet nose for lever closer


Jul 31, 2017
Washington state
Any suggestions for an adjustable 5C collet nose for use with a lever collet closer? My manual lathe (clone of Mori-Seiki engine lathe) has a spindle nose of A1-5 (Also accepts A2-5).
Currently I have been using a hex 5C collet block held in my 10" 3-jaw Buck brand chuck that has an "Adjust-Tru" feature for correcting runout with 4-setscrews, I really like this 3-jaw chuck and can quickly get the runout eliminated for most general work.

But doing small collet work using the 10" chuck is sketchy and unbalanced at speeds above 1100 RPM, I want a collet nose with less mass that will let me take advantage of the lathe's highest speed of 1800 RPM.
I do not want another scroll key operated collet chuck, the lever style is far nicer for batch work. But for modification/repair work I have came to rely on the ability to modify runout. A chuck with perfect runout would not work, I need to shift the parts off-center while using 5C collets, rarely more than 0.010"

The only brand I have seen sell the adjustable collet nose I want is Dunham Tool but they want $950, based on past experiences and reviews their products are acceptable quality but over-priced.
Here is their collet nose for reference https://www.dunhamtool.com/collet-chucks/chuck-kits/a2-5/dtc-5c-thd-a5

Has anyone seen another model of adjustable collet nose for use with a pull-back collet closer lever?
I am not against modifying something if needed, I already have the lever collet closer and another spare A1-5 back-plate.
Perhaps am being cheap and just need to pay for the Dunham Tool model, but I am not looking forward to it.