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Advice Needed- First CNC Mill for prototyping and small batch mfg in home shop


Cast Iron
Jun 10, 2009
Anaheim, California
How did you manage to fit a VF under the door? I am looking to put the largest VMC I can in my garage but am limited to an 84” door. Thanks!
It’s a 2021 VF-2YT with 20T Umbrella Tool Changer. Had to remove the hot box/regen unit, spindle covers, spindle fan, vertical sheet metal covers between the spindle motor and Z-Axis motor, Z-Axis motor, the cable track (lay it down), and the sheet metal box the cable track bolts to and most the spindle wiring/hoses run thru. Once I had all that off it went in very easily. Had plenty of clearance.


Hot Rolled
May 16, 2017
Just out of curiosity - never looked at a Tormach before. I'm not into the dinky stuff too much but saw one on fleabay, it didn't look that awful. The price was crazy but other than that, what's wrong with them ?

(I'm not going to buy one, just curious)
Price is honestly the biggest issue. They are often pretty expensive for what they are. If you have the room, you can get a much better machine for the money going for a used older Brother or Sharp.

I own a a Tormach 1100, and I think it probably out performs a CNC knee mill for CNC work in many scenarios. That isn't saying a lot though. I own mine because I stumbled into for a reasonable price and I could easily send it down my basement bulkhead. This meant I didn't need to give up my garage. So the really only compelling reason to buy one if it is the machine you can fit in the space.