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Advice on potential Schaublin 135 purchase

So the story goes on.
The good news (I hope)- I bought the machine. I spent some hours today having a closer look and disassembly of some parts. The findings so far:
The upper gear shifting lever was stuck. It goes all the way to the rear side of the headstock and moves some kind of sliding interlock gear shifter (see in the photos) which is stuck in its housing. Does not seem to be a big issue. I moved by hand the shifting forks, one I was able to move to what seems to be the neutral positing and the second one I couldn’t move. After this, the spindle could move a bit back and forth, limited by what seems to be the free play of some gears in the headstock. Check the video with sound on.
At this stage I decided to give up, as going further would require more conditions than I have in the scrap yard. I decided to take the chance.
Beyond the headstock, the motor shaft is also seized or braked.

More to come once I bring the machine to my place and can work on it properly.



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Not wise to spend a lot of time in a scrapyard ......way back ,I found an old bulldozer in a scrapyard (AC-HD10) spent days getting it going .....turn up next day to buy it,,,and its gone ........the scraprats had sold it to a dealer for a lot more money.
Not wise to spend a lot of time in a scrapyard ......way back ,I found an old bulldozer in a scrapyard (AC-HD10) spent days getting it going .....turn up next day to buy it,,,and its gone ........the scraprats had sold it to a dealer for a lot more money.

You are completely right. This was another consideration to stop where I stopped. If the scrapyard owner would see the spindle turns, the price could be different. 🤣
Any ideas on the locked gears in the headstock or how to reach them? Opening the top cover of the headstock is useless, the headstock is completely closed from above.
Congratulations, Avivz! This really was a great find. The machine is from around 1970 or thereabouts, I have one lust like it, only one version newer (approx. 1974). I have a lot of documents, and have restored my lathe from the ground up. I notice you have the Multifix recessed topslide, very nice. Multifix toolholders readily available from China. Feel free to ask. My relevant dokuments: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AixuXkj7rT9JixzZdhae4n_dseXb?e=71Z3P0 Notice that there are a lot of changes and upgrades through the production life of the 135, especially for the variator system lubrication, There are also 2 variants of the spindle bearing, you have the first. Good luck!
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Avivz fantastic news and great when the the new adventure is in your workshop, it inspires the mind and looking forward to seeing the results unfold. There are a great bunch of guys on this forum who helped me through my venture, Ole being one, like most I have accumulated lots of info and drawings so just reach out if you need anything and someone will help.

I guess my key area is the Variator having re-engineered it to be oil free, the thread covers most of the process but as always happy to help if I can.

Nice the have the lowered Multifix topside, wanted one myself but could not locate one sadly so made a solid tool post mount and used the 'E' size holder from AXA in Germany - works a treat.

Happy Christmas.

pewetools.de is also a good source for toolholders, he has a very good assortment, offers excellent contact. As marcsO mentions the Multifix E size is a very good fit on this lathe, the size was marketed after the production end of the 135, and is a size between Multifix A and B. If so you will have to replace the holder turret, but it may be appropriate anyway. I have size E on my lathe.View attachment DSC04235.JPG Notice toolholder carousel on the wall to the right!
Enjoy the adventure with your lathe. I have read a lot about the quality of Schaublin lathes but have never seen one in person.
There is nothing like aquiring a machine like that. Adrenaline rush for the mechanically inclined. Without guys willing to take it home and fix its problems you know it would have been scrapped. I'm glad you found it.
It looks pretty good
It's really encouraging and helpful to have such a supportive community. It’s not easy to get data on these machines (compared to others), so any information is highly valuable and appreciated. I'm sure I will need many advices along the way. Before I can put my hands on the lathe, I have to rearrange the small workshop to allow enough free space to work on the machine. Some wall I have to take down.