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Air line funny

I did something like that on a waterline for a cattle water trough. The screws kept the dresser couplings from coming apart with the 40 PSI of the ranch water system.

Air lines agree with everyone else that it looks dangerous.

A failure put on the ranch would have watered some drought parched ground.
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I was in the maintenance shop & saw this happen.
2 men were working to change a 3/4 copper air line. The guy on the floor was BSing with the guy on the ladder & I was about 15 feet away using a vise for I don't remember what. I look over just as there is a big BANG. The floor guy goes for his gun (former police) as the guy on the ladder almost falls. The fellow on the ladder should have turned off the air before using the torch to unsolder the line.
I worked in a facility two counties north of Houston that was plumbed with 2" PVC for air lines. It was stuffed up in the ceiling where it was hot during the summer. An elbow came apart downstream from the compressor. Insulation, plastic pipe, ceiling tiles went flying all over that section of the shop. Luckly nobody got hurt.
PVC gets more brittle over time. Doesn't even need to be in the sun. Not good for air line, nor pressurized water line.
What may have happened is the PVC was first put up with no screws. And then a safety minded individual thought about the screw idea.
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I screw together fittings like this a lot for low pressure applications where glue isn't needed or desired. An example is a short run of 2" ABS fittings between a regenerative blower and an intake filter.
What may have happened is the PVC was first put up with no screws. And then a safety minded individual thought about the screw idea.

If he was really safety-minded he'd have taken it down and replaced it with something actually good to use for an air line...

And I'm not sure that the screws are really doing much of anything in this case at any rate. I've not seen a PVC fitting break loose at a solvent weld.
I used to do a lot of work for one of the big ranches where I live . I had all my material delivered to their place & started running my pvc conduit for some new in shop for a new compressor & a hydraulic hose crimper & some other small pieces of equipment . My dad ended up in the hospital so i was gone for a couple of days. The owners kid decided he didn't want to wait for me , his words later were " I've watched you a bunch , it's not that complicated " . Him & his ranch hands used my pcv conduit 90's on his pvc air lines which I told him was a bad idea . So when it came time for the electrical all my 90's had been used up , so the pushed the wire through each stick of conduit , he said it was a real bitch gettin the wire through the water 90's that they had had pulled out of one of thier bins of used crap . The guy was one of the best examples of $ 0.50 holdin up $10.00. I ber insurance companies cringe when they see whit pvc airlines in a customer's place .