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Alarm 254 Spindle Overheat - New encoder cable


Nov 21, 2022
I have a 1998 VF3 in wich de spindle encoder cable snaped, since the it had an old optical encoder (not in great condition either) I decided to change it for a newer magnetic encoder 8192 CPR that I had for spare.
I ordered the Encoder Cable 33-10004 to be able to conect the new encoder and follow the instructions in Haas manual 146 to replace the encoder.

Everything went smoothly on the installation and parameters setup, but now the machine is throwing Alarm 254 "spindle overheat" and I cant get it go away. I know it has to be with the 2 pin molex connector that goes to the sensor in the spindle motor, but I didnt have the alarm before with the old cable. Temperature is roughly at 100F.

Did I missed something in the setup? Any idea what could be causing the alarm?
Manual 146 does not list cable 10004 as an adapter cable for magnetic encoders. Possibly your cable connects the temperature sensor to the wrong polarity?
I didnt use an adapter cable because the old cable was broken, that was actually my first problem. So I replaced the whole cable, cable 10004 is to connect directly the magnetic encoder to the MOCON board with no adapters in between, at least that was my understanding from what I was told.
I can track the individual wires on the cable to see which goes where and compare the old cable with the new cable.. Is there a diagram available for these cables?