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Albrecht Chuck Jaw Issue


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Oct 13, 2009
Olympia, Wa
First off, I'm not a keyless chuck expert so I may be missing something right in front of my face.

I bought a big Allen drill press a few months back and have been cleaning it up. I saved the chuck for last, it is an Albrecht model 160-j6 1/8"-5/8". When I got the drill, the chuck was seized but it looked like it was in pretty good shape so I didn't worry about it. Once I got it taken apart cleaned up and put it back together, I could tell something was up. The jaws seem like they are too small and dont fill the groove they slide in, they wobble a lot. They also dont close down to anywhere near 1/8", more like 3/8". At first I thought I had lost a piece or something was missing, but now I am thinking the jaws may just be wrong for the chuck.

I also have a Rohm keyless chuck that is basically the same chuck 1/8"-5/8" jt6 mount. I took that apart as well to clean it, the jaws fit nice and tight in the grooves in that chuck(i've used it for years and it's worked great). New jaws for the Albrecht are about $200. Am I just an idiot and missing something?


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Looks like 130 jaws in your 160 chuck. If the jaws are in good condition, they are valuable to someone that needs them. It is easy to buy new Albrecht parts, but the retail prices are quite high these days. Sometimes they turn up on eBay for less. If I get time, i will measure some 130 jaws so you can compare dimensions with yours. I don't recall if I have a 160 Albrecht.

Historical note: I was looking at some old tool invoices recently and saw that I paid $47.14 for a new Albrecht 130-J6 chuck and $18.17 for a new Jacobs R8-J6 arbor for it on 27Feb75. I see the 130 chucks are over $500 each now.

As one would expect, I do have some 160 Albrecht chucks waiting for cleaning and reassembly and the jaws were not installed. On the left is a set of three 160 jaws and a single 130 jaw is on the right. You can see the slight difference in size.
These 160 jaws are visibly used, but cheaper than new ones. I will sell them for $20 including shipping. Or we could trade even, my 160 set for your 130 set.

Here are some dimensions.
Overall height 130 1.139", 160 1.179"
Maximum thickness 130 .274" 160 .293"
Body thickness 130 .1955" 160 .2145"

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