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Aluminum sticking to table saw balde?


Sep 6, 2008
Regularly saw some 1/2” and under aluminum on a Unisaw. Cuts fine but chips stick to teeth. Tried the wax used on vertical bandsaws for aluminum on the blade with no joy. Don’t want the mess of WD40 on whats mostly a wood saw. Suggestions?
Tallow stick saw wax, canning over here ( don’t leave in shed, I was dull enough to leave a box in a lock up, rat cafe, they even ate the box, just staples left)
There is a right blade too, normal wood blade tends to choke in the gullets,
Alu specific blade and candle wax is all I use on my drop saw. One place I worked at used buffing wax.
Drown it with WD40.
It will mostly evaporate,
leaving your wood saw in good condition
for cutting wood again.

I have a kaltenbach 250 upcut extrusion saw, I’d dosent like cutting without wax, it’s addicted I think.
There’s a mist lube on it but the coolant was geiser or whatever it’s called, the Swiss one, you need a mortgage to buy that stuff.
As others have said you probably have the wrong type of blade on the saw. Aluminum likes a special tooth grind and either WD or wax. I too was having gummed teeth that completely fill the gullet and cause a very rough cut. Once I switched to the right type of blade those problems went away.
your cutting speed for a 10" 1700rpm saw would be around 1600-1800 sfm? that would be
ok w/ coolant . if you could lower your dry blade speed to maybe 1000, with a vfd ?

it might also create chatter and make a new problem.
nothing is ever easy .