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American Lathe trading post and part ID


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Jun 21, 2019
Looks to be a long overdue thread, I figured this would be a good way for those with spare parts or accessories for American Tool Works & American brand lathes to post what they have or need. If I'm out of line on this let me know. I will be posting many parts that I have available, purchased from a factory field repairman. (Ones that don't fit my lathes anyway)
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First off I have about three hundred pounds of small parts, gears, bearings, small shafts and whatchamacallits. I will get some pictures listed this weekend. Also one steady rest for Pacemaker lathe of approximately 22" swing. Again pictures to follow. Thanks for reading.
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Everything helps as there isn't much information out there on these machines as far as individual parts. I appreciate the link!

ugly as mud, stiff movement and missing two washers, but otherwise......... there it is. I didn't do my perty up work on it since it does not fit any of our machines but did soak it in oil.
$300.00 plus shipping I have as scale and can weigh it if shipping is requested.

here you go on some small parts, prices will be dependent on part. no information was given to me on what any of these fit.
That's going to be a real tough sell to anyone besides the scrapman if you don't know exactly what each part fits.
@ Slodat, I don't have a spare wrench, sorry.

As for the steady, yes, cast iron contacts I believe. Almost all of our American lathe steady rests are iron contact, with one bronze. I made delrin inserts and caps for use on sensitive surface parts.
I adapted an old New England pattern follow rest for my High Duty.. .works fine but is not a roller. ATW's concept for a follow rest is conventional so mostly setting one up is a matter of getting dimensions close enough so things can be modified.
No, unfortunately. That stuff is pretty scarce too.
I do keep an eye out for it, but rarely see any.
Maybe I'm a bad searcher but seems weird. I can find stuff about 1921 Americans easier than the 1980 stuff. They were competitive with Monarch and Cincy and probably sold more than Loose & Shakey and J&L right up to the end ... but nothing. One brochure for a Hustler, that's it.