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"An Honourable Veteran" Long Service Award for an Acme Automatic Lathe

Peter S

May 6, 2002
Auckland, New Zealand
Recently an old company here in Auckland closed and auctioned off their workshop contents.

It is not unusual to have framed tributes honouring long service employees, however this company also had a framed photo of their first multi-spindle automatic lathe. "An Honourable Veteran".

No doubt this lathe made a lot of money over the years and perhaps started their growth into one of the largest production shops in Auckland.

Yes, there is some confusion over the dates on the brass plate (1915 patent) and the supposed year of manufacture (1912).

Almost all of the machine tools had been sold off before the auction, so I am not sure what they had, however a photo shows several multi spindle Wickman lathes being moved out (Some of the machine tools were sent to India).

An Honourable Veteran 03.jpg

An Honourable Veteran 01.jpg An Honourable Veteran 02.jpg
The company I work for had a few of those that were new in the late 30’s - they were used to make .50 caliber steel projectiles in WW2. We sold them off about 15 years ago.