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Another Gerstner Clone

In the interest of further stirring the pot, that thing would look real nice in the douche room of a whore house. I'd rather nail my wang to a cherry stump than have it in my shop. ..........Bob

I was thinking the same thing... That thing is so ugly my cat wouldn't even pee on it... Though the mechanics of it really intrigue me.
I don't like sapwood either....not sure why....maybe because it reminds me of cedar, which reminds me of crap tourist stuff from Pedro's South of the Border. :stirthepot: Otherwise, nice job.

Still as an ex professional woodworker myself it always amuses me when machinists go ga ga over some relatively simple woodwork, when what they (machinist) do is way more complicated, meanwhile ignoring the actual complex woodwork of pattern makers, which is a trade more related to their profession.

It's not that sapwood itself bothers me, but I think it needs to be used conservatively, strategically, sparingly, and very particularly... Case in point - seeing sapwood in the MIDDLE of a glued-up panel - not cool... Seeing a streak of sapwood on the edge of a piece, being just a faint and strategically placed contrast of color - very cool... X2 if it's part of a "live-edge", or it follows the geometry of the piece...

Personal feelings of course. To each their own...

And as someone who cuts metal, and has dabbled in woodworking using power tools, and also using only hand tools, I've always found woodworking to be more challenging. Maybe it's because I was always paid to cut metal, on inherently more rigid, accurate machines. Versus woodworking on your own time, with inferior equipment, or all by hand-power... (Hand tool only woodworking being far more enjoyable if I may say so - although, I have massive respect for a proper planer, and a nice, well-tuned bandsaw... ;) )

What impresses me most though? The wood-carvers by far... Nothing is nearly as impressive to me, as seeing a highly ornamental object, delicately carved from a solid block of sometimes unwieldy wood. Chair-makers are a close second too...