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Another Lathe finds its way here, probably only transitionally...


Jun 24, 2014
Merchantville, NJ
About two weeks ago, I picked up a Burke No. 4 milling machine. When I was picking it up, the seller offered me a South Bend 9C lathe... For a pretty decent price. I wasn't initially interested for me, but noticed it had a micrometer stop, which I have been looking for... So I struck a deal, and picked it up today.

When I was loading it, I noticed it also had the large dial on the compound rest! Score! Once I got home, I swapped the dials between the "new" lathe, and my already finished one (although the screw on the compound rest handle shows a good bit more wear). I cleaned up the pieces, and installed a nice looking large dial.

I also removed the micrometer stop, cleaned it, and put it on for now. I still have to fully disassemble, clean, paint & reassemble it, but it moves smoothly, so I am happy.

The last bit I am going to swap is the right side leveling foot Not that I really NEED it, it will be useful at some point I'm sure.

As I was getting ready to leave, the seller brought me out a small tray I can only assume was used as a chip pan, with a few odds and ends- three or four tool holders; about half a dozen new pieces of high speed steel for cutting bits; a large (no. 36 IIRC) Jacobs chuck on a Morse #2 taper... All useful. I also inherited a Buck Chuck 3 finger (2 piece reversible)6" scroll chuck, which I am now quite impressed with, and which has already been swapped onto mine.

Also came with a nice 3x4 or so homebuilt steel worktable which had been the lathe table, but which I'm going to use as a work table- It is HEAVY and STRONG!

I think I did good for $150! And I already have a person interested in buying the lathe alone for the same price, so I'm happy with the deal. (And if he doesn't, I'll hang on to it a bit...

I'll try to post pics later.

Thanks- I actually will be looking for one soon, and also seeing if I can find a large scale to match on the crossfeed. Everybody on e-pay wants first born for it...
I finally got the lathe out of my truck (Only took me a little over a month to get around to it... lol...) Anyway, broke it down to major components, and most everything looks ok, although the ways could use rehabilitation.

I had to laugh when I removed the apron screws: It literally dropped right off- Someone had installed it without setting the drive half nuts over the drive screw! While it would move manually with the gear drive, I doubt they were using it with the automatic feed... Would have gone nowhere. Don't know how they got it in place that way, but all looks ok.

Anyway, my plan at this point is clean all the pieces in the dip tank (lots of old chip in there) and replace the felts- I already have the kit- then reassemble it, and use it as a second lathe.