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Antique Machinery forum greatest hits

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Greg Menke

Feb 22, 2004
Baltimore, MD, USA
To avoid them being lost in shuffle, this thread contains links to some of the more popular and interesting threads in the Antique Machinery and History forum. While this thread remains locked, the moderator can edit it. As interesting as so many threads are here we cannot include most of them or this thread will lose focus. Please message me with nominations for inclusion.



John Oder;

USA Heavy Iron Disappearance

* Set Up To Bore Apron

* More Old L&S Clutch Work

* L&S Selective Head Work

* Horizontal Mill As Lathe

* Fix L&S Crossfeed Clutch Gear

* Worked Good!

* Fixing Range Box Bores

Heavy Greaves Klusman

Patrick Black;

Hendey 14 by 6 Tie-Bar Rehab
Patrick Black's Paint Recipe


On Heavy Duty Lathes

Lucas Horizontal Boring Mill going to Tuckahoe . . .

Hardinge Cataract QC Restoration project

A Very Early, Pre-Maudslay Lathe.... circa 1770?

As found in the wild- the Hendey T&G is on the way to the shop

Big, Big Wisconsin T-Head engine

Galloways rolling mill engines

Construction of the Tod Engine House
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