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Anyone out there own a Takisawa TT-200 lathe with 21i control and gantry loader? Looking for files.


Feb 5, 2008
I feel this is a long shot, but here goes.

We bought a Takisawa TT-200 lathe with gantry loader recently. We've got it running but ran into a bit of a wall getting the gantry to fully function. Not mechanically or electrically, just programming and settings.

The manual mentions "Raku Raku" software via the custom button on the fanuc control, that sets all kinds of data and keep relays so you can easily change how it functions. The manual tells you what to change in the software, very easily. The manual does NOT tell you what to manually change in keepers, counters, etc, when you don't have the Raku Raku software.

Takisawa confirmed the lathe didn't ship with the software, and don't seem to want to send over the files.

Anyway, what I am hoping for is that someone could download the user files from the boot menu on the machine and send it to us. We're also looking for a set of working gantry programs. There were programs in the machine when purchased, but there's a lot of workarounds in it. And the "original gantry loader macro programs" that Takisawa sent to us seem to be more incomplete than the ones that we started with.

If anyone can get either the Raku Raku software, or at least the gantry loader macro programs, I would appreciate it so much.
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Yeah, have the manuals.

What was confusing is the manuals on setting up the gantry all tell you how to do it, with the loader software (raku raku). There are keep relay lists and all of the X/Y/R/F/G/D bit lists for whats going on in the ladder. But the descriptions are vague. There's no list of which macro variables (uses a lot of #500's) are for what. That kind of thing.

We are to the point, that we may not ACTUALLY need the software. note that we've ran parts on the machine, but not actually ran the loader with parts.

What we have done so far is get the loader where we think we're good, but we didn't have any parts in the stocker and we don't have jaws in the loader chucks. Just been swapping out invisible parts.

However, we'd like anything we can get, software or programs, to be sure we're doing it right. lol.

What would be ideal is, according to takisawa over the phone, it should be possible to have the left spindle be the first op, and the right spindle be the 2nd op. The 2nd spindle has live tooling, the 1st does not. They said to flip a menu setting in the software, and that would flip the order of operations. But we don't have the loader software! After them asking Japan for help, they came back and said that Japan confirmed that not all machines shipped with the option.

It doesn't help that the machine seems to have originally come from Europe. There's a European Fanuc service sticker on the front, and it had Euro/ISO style fanuc keypad on it (symbols, no words)
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