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Anyone want to buy this damn okuma genos off me?

Actually this is the number one thing that has kept me from buying a Genos VMC.
Are their any other MTB's that do similar crap, So I am at least aware!
if you're only ok with fanuc style g-code, dont ever look at heidenhain or siemens controls. HH is COMPLETELY different, looks NOTHING like Gcode. Siemens is a bit closer, but has tons of cycles and codes that are nothing like fanuc.
thats partially what makes them in a league of their own compared to fanuc IMO. fanuc is just old and outdated garbage IMO. dont get me wrong, it works. but if you want the best, it aint fanuc.
Do those come in English, or I guess Japanese :D
We'll that blows, I will definitely move towards better options over holding onto obsoleteness.
I'm not that old yet:D
first time i saw the code i crapped my pants, lol.
not that bad once you get some training and understand whats what.
Here is the thing. What was the FIRST widely used G-codes? Why wont the other companies go on board with that? My guess Fanuc. Sure certain controls just suck, and be captive to MTB's can suck too, but give me a damn good reason why a simple canned cycle can't be the same? All you are doing essentially(we will say Okuma for this) is now limiting FUTURE customers. I don't care if you have a awesome conversation control, when it outputs...have it output the same code. Here Okuma has a customer pissed off cuz he was sold hogwash and thought he probably got a good deal(that is my guess right, $80k off??)
More details on the lathe, price, hours, what control, does it have one touch IGF, how many live tools etc? I am about to pull the trigger on a new okuma, and saw your post, so I thought i would ask. Thanks Jason

Posting code that 99% of the programmers and operators would never write or edit? I am not certain this is a fair representation of the typical code these machines take to run, particularly using the HH Kinematics macro/ subprogram.

This is Heidenhain Millplus, which does take pretty standard G-Code but this is a toolchanger MM subprogram much like your Kinematic program (I removed the comments next to each line as they are all in German anyway):


Now, lets compare this to typical machining code that is used to make something: (Hypermill: 3D Arbitrary Stock Roughing toolpath)
Note: My post is setup to use variables at the beginning of the tool path to set my feed rates.


Yep, pretty standard G-Code. Both of these codes work on the same control. Same with Siemens.

It's true many cycles are unique between all control manufacturers but usually it is really the same operations with different letters and numbers to define how they work. The post development work in these cases is very easy and learning how to work with the controls is usually pretty straightforward.

If you want to use an example of programming that isn't G-code, try programming a Galil CNC motion controller:


There is nothing like G code anywhere in this.

Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc, Fagor, Bosch, Grundig... they are much more alike than they are different. I can't speak for Okuma or Mazak, I've heard Mazatrol is not G-code, I've only ever owned 1 and it was sold before I even ran power to it!


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^ New Mazaks can quite easily run Gcode. Fanuc based canned cycles too. You can convert over from Mazatrol to Gcode in the control as well.
Gonna bump this because I think the OP forgot to mention he supposedly has ran this lathe for 12yrs?? Find it odd you all of a sudden hate this lathe and it's control after all this time?
Plus, he must not really want to sale it as I have sent him 3 pm's and replied here about details on the machine, with no reply. Thanks Jason
You buy a Haas, I'll fly down there and kick you square in the a$$.............friends don't let friends buy Haas......................
Why do you not like Haas? I ran one 15 years ago or so and I thought it was a pretty good machine. It held size and the control was pretty easy for me to pick up. It seems like they have a lot of support in my area.
Why do you not like Haas? I ran one 15 years ago or so and I thought it was a pretty good machine. It held size and the control was pretty easy for me to pick up. It seems like they have a lot of support in my area.

Haas has good price transparency, though the prices they list are for small time customers. They do deep discounts for larger shops.

Haas financing is easy.


Haas service is hit and miss just like any other MTB. Difference with Haas is you need more parts and service. Spindles, ballscrews, way covers and you'll also need to change your lubrication system out every few years from grease to oil and back to grease again.

The control is no different than anything else. If you can learn one, you can learn any of them.

Haas sells entry level machines at premium machine prices. They inflate the specs of their machines and/or rate their machines differently than every other machine tool builder so you cannot make a direct comparison.

Haas goes to great lengths to hinder user reparability. They make a great deal of money from the service and repair side of things. Things that are basic and covered in the manuals of premium machines if users wish to do them themselves are super double secret on a Haas.

Haas is fine if you actually know what the machine is so you can make an accurate comparison to other brands or If you must have new and Haas is all you can get because your credit sucks.

However, Haas is a terrible value if you take their machine specs at face value. Their accuracy, power and feedrates are all way overstated.

Haas is the absolute worst value if you are buying used. Haas used machines go for way more than other, significantly better machines. If you have cash a Haas is the worst thing you could buy.