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Are polish lathes that expensive? (Fat tur)


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Dec 11, 2013
Alberta canada
I’ve been finding the need to have a compact manual lathe around. Something solid

Reached out to a dealer for FAT TUR lathes (polish) and was absolutely floored at the price.
Tur 630, 4” bore. 40” between centers. 3 jaw, steady, tailstock, taper attachment. Digital readout installed.
Nothing crazy.
The quote came back in the ballpark of $225,000cad
Even the dealer said they where pricing themselves out of the market and proceeded to quote me an “import” lathe of similar capacity for around $50,000.

Are old school euro manual lathes really that expensive new?!?!
I ran one as an apprentice and would looove to get one. But at that price I could grab a top end okuma CNC of the same capacity.

Are they that expensive in Europe?

Just shaking my head here. Was a big bummer
Harrison m300 is made in China. I believe it is sold as a colchester as well.
It started around 1972 being made in England. Switched to being made in China for a few years. Quality was so bad they returned to England then returned back to China again.
Bill D
Here is what I've found on current TOS-Trencin, now just called TRENS: https://www.trens.sk/zh-hans/produkty/sn32-classic
Their website sucks every bit as much as German or Japanese sites do so you'll have to do your own digging, but ... https://www.trens.sk/en

I have an SN40 of something like a 1960 or 1970-s vintage, and I like it very much for what I use it for.
Most importantly, it is one of the few manual lathes left in the world that has the carriage wheel on the right, and it is a large, manly one you can grab ahold of.
Is that because they realised Chinese bad quality was still better than English overpriced bad quality. :D
I assumed the Chinese quality was too low. I would guess they went over in the early 80's? Then UK wages just cost too much so back to China. 600 group is not known for low prices.
I bet no big companies buy manual lathes for production work so a China made one will last long enough.
Bill D
Pretty sure he last UK built Harrison M250, M300 and VS330's were the white and red ones from the early to mid 90's