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ATC issues


Jan 20, 2023
Recently acquired a 1993 Shizuoka B5V410D VMC with a Yasnac I80m CNC controller. At initial start up it had a few alarms, 3002 E-Stop,3000 Servo off, 2190 Mach Unready, nothing out of the ordinary... One that comes up intermittently is 3261 SMON-MMON Sync Error, seems kinda weird.Was able to get past all of that and machine seemed to function as it should, other than it would not shift between high and low gear. Not manually, button on console, or thru control in MDI mode (S2501 M03;) Although I could start the spindle in low range in MDI and step up the RPM up to high range, it just would not shift to high gear and go beyond 2500 RPM. Since the machine sat in a warehouse for a few years, figure it is probably just a sticky solenoid or pneumatic cylinder. Tool changer seemed to function fine, both manually and in MDI mode.
This is where it gets frustrating... Shut the machine down and went home for the night. Next day fired it up, all seemed good to go. When I try to start spindle in MDI, a page popped up on screen saying the ATC needed to be homed out using the "ADDRESS MEMORY" button on control console. When that button is pushed, the tool carousel rotates, and rotates... based on what I have read it is looking for the empty tool pot. The only way to stop it, is to hit the reset button. Of course this does not get the ATC homed out, so the machine will not function as far as running spindle, running a program, running anything in MDI. The first couple of times when using Address Memory button and it would just rotate the ATC and eventually timeout and stop without it homing. Then it just quit timing out and stopping and went to just rotating the carousel without it stopping. Can still operate the tool changer arm and swap tools out of spindle, just like it would if commanded by an M06, manually with tool changer pendant, as well as on the console. Graphics on screen are just as the actual tool carousel position is, i.e. tool pot 1 at tool change position, shown on screen and at carousel.
It seems to have lost something in the parameters, Keep memory/relays, something in the cnc control is gone. As luck would have it, this machine did not have a copy of what the parameters were set at from the machine toolbuilder... I am hoping that somebody may have those, or have experienced similar problems and has a remedy. I know Kitamura used Yasnac controllers on some of their VMC's, and this machine kind of resembles a Kitamura Myacenter when the panels are removed. Any thoughts, ideas, guidance would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance.