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ATC problem with the old fadal. help!


Apr 23, 2012
Knoxville TN
Machine- 1992 fadal 4020

This morning my air compressor decided it didn't want to turn on. In the middle of a tool change, it faulted out- low air pressure. Typically, I will get the air supply back to the machine and manually push the carousel back by hand. Then proceed to go on about my day. Well, not today. The carousel would not "push" back to position, so I took the cover off and proceeded to move the pulley manually. Once I got the
carousel back in place, I noticed it wasn't responding to any machine inputs. I found that one of the switches above the relays was tripped in the back cabinet. After resetting the switch, the carousel will only rotate around half of a position. If I try to index a second time, it trips the switch again.

I have tried swapping out icebox relays and resetting everything I can find with a button. I have also checked fuses 5 through 9 with no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I detached the bodine gear motor along with the tool carrier. I have tried to rotate the geneva wheel by hand. It rotates around 3 degrees (15 degees per tool change) before coming to a haulting stop in either direction. I would assume by design that it should rotate freely. The upper and lower bearing supports are the only mating surfaces in the assembly besides the constant pressure from the belleville springs. I'm about out of options other then tearing the assembly the rest of the way down.