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This reminds me very much of a guy I worked with named Dick (seriously). He preferred Dick and actually got angry if someone called him Richard. He was that kind of guy. He also happened to be one of the leads in a department of engineers and when the manager was out of office, he was often the guy given delegation of authority. That was more of a formality than anything but, it gave him signature authority if something came in that day that needed department sign-off.

Dick let this stuff go to his head. Typical example: one morning one of the engineers was ten minutes late. Not an exaggeration. Literally the first ten minutes of the hour. She was a new-hire, fresh out of school. He stood up, walked over to her desk and told her he needed to speak with her in the conference room. He took her in there and proceeded to give her a 15 minute thrashing and verbal warning about the lack of professionalism showing up late for work. This very much not the intent of being given delegation of authority but, he decided since he was king for the day, he was going to take care of this obvious, glaring lack of respect for the job. She was so upset afterward that she came out crying.

Screwing with this guy became sport for me (and a few others). Anything to push his buttons? It's on.

Same year, we're having a staff meeting. The real manager decides to do a round table and have everyone status what's going on with their projects. We go around the table and it gets to Dick. He looks around and says, "I think we all should make an attempt to start dressing nicer at work. I know we've gone to casual dress but, some people are starting to get kind of sloppy, wearing t-shirts and jeans every day and it's really bringing down the professionalism of the department."

He was complaining about one guy in particular. Chuck had been brought in on loan from another site to investigate a particular problem. He was spending his days in a Tyvek bunny suit and crawling around the inside and outside of aircraft, doing his job.

Dick was usually the first guy in the door at about 6:00 AM. He would then start tracking the arrival time of various people. A few more people roll in just short of 6:30, including Chuck--in a t-shirt. Chuck hears Dick at the back of the room, folding up his newspaper. He stands up with maybe 5-6 other engineers in the area and he shouts across all the cubicles, "HEY, DICK!" (emphasis on Dick). "HEY DICK!" Dick prairie dogs up from his cubicle. "HEY DICK! I'M NOT WEARING A COLLARED SHIRT! IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU, DICK?"

Dick scurries over to Chuck, absolutely enraged. "I NEED TO SEE YOU IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM RIGHT NOW!" Chuck sits back, laughing at him and says there's nothing he has to say that he can't say right there. One of the other engineers starts to stand up and excuse himself. "No, Brent, sit back down. There's nothing DICK has to say that I'm not going to tell everybody when he's done anyway."

This goes back and forth a few times and Dick finally explodes in a tirade of berating Chuck, fingers pointing and hands waving. Chuck takes this for what must have literally been a solid minute or two. Dick finally stops and Chuck says, "Okay, I'm glad we had this little talk, because, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING!" and Chuck breaks into a perfect impression of what Dick had just done. Dick stood up and stormed off.

They found Chuck a different place to sit for the duration of what he was working on and he eventually returned to his site. The Dick stories continued for years until he finally got forced out and told he could never be in charge of people again.
I've never bothered with an avatar.
Only takes a second, something to do when you get bored ...

Maybe I will take a selfie standing by the forklift in front of the overhead door I ran into this morning. Ya gotta raise it up high enough, dummy!
Lucky it was only your head, not the forklift mast. Those can do some damage to the door !

Most of us were stupid early on so we learned to always raise the door to the top, no matter how little room you need.

Shoulda stayed in bed!
Staying in bed can be fun too :)

rons said:
I will miss "butt cheeks".
Our job is to serve the customer ...