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Banned on Youtube wannabe machining channels. TOR tip.

Swiss machining: Anything you can do, we can do smaller. And I like it that way.

My fixtures weigh +10k pounds. Set ups take days and the same part could be on your machine for weeks. The machining ops are usually simple though.

I would have liked to get into some other specialty. Swiss, wire edm, 5ax mill/turn or something along those lines.
I do wide variety of work in and outa the shop...............I'm not a stranger to good ol ditch diggin', masonry, or wood chopping'........I have purdy thick hide on my hands. Just grew up that way............. Some of my worker bees are always gettin' knicks and slivers where I'm close to impervious to it..................'bout the only time I put on gloves is when I'm tearing apart some old greasy gearbox or transmission...........or an oily soot covered diesel unit...............

Oh, and my lil woman likes the rough hands............when she shakes a guy's hand that's smooth like a baby, she equates it to them being a girly man. Her words, not mine................ :D
We have a lot in common Dave! Wife quotes and all.
Funny fact/story along the "no verbal filter" lines and wives (since Houdini made the no underwear comment):
I met my wife at the local motocross track. And I am playing waaay outside my league LOL.
Her son (now my step son) was the best friend of a kid I was coaching. So naturally, he joined the fun.
That is how I met her. Now, at the track, you can imagine how my buddies and myself acted. Rowdy and obnoxious would be an understatement.
It did not take me long to realize I really liked this chick. It did take me long to set the hook and reel her in. But, I never changed my behavior around her.
I am who I am. After about a year together, I asked her one day, "how did an asshole like me end up with suck a wonderfull rockstar for a wife?"
Her answer: "What you see is what you get. I knew you would never try to play games with me. and there would be no bullshit".
Another great wife quote :D
AVE's latest machining video. He gets a pass though, the guy never pretends to be something he isn't.
AvE was one of my favorite YT channels until he got into machining. Lost all interest when he started constantly complaining about everything when most of it was user error.
Works for me. I don't see a single add; and I watch an eclectic mix of content.
We have seven computers at my house with 5 different people, switching to different scenarios, and we have burned through them all.
Youtube is cracking down like crazy if you look it up.
Current answer is yt-dlp. It's a python script that downloads youboob files. Generally I'll watch online a couple of minutes to see if something is worthwhile, then you do < yt-dlp video url > and bob's yer uncle, gets the video with no none nada zero advertisements. Also then you have it saved locally, for future watching or whatever. If you pay for data that's nice.

You can choose between qualities too, or just the audio (good for music) and a bunch of other stuff, but if you just want to get the vid the easiest way, that's it.

When it quits working, wait a day or two and they'll have it patched to work again. Happens once in a while.

Houdini - works on Irix too :D
THAT is a guy that straight kicks ass! He not only does the hard jobs, he does them at pro level! He is obviously doing the job while the wife sneaks in to video his work. I'm sure it eats into his schedule but he is making something on YT.
What I HAVE noticed is that guy knows very little about milling. He is a 'turnr'. But he is lurning and I'm sure he will get much better with all that.. He has the knak to figr it out.

I appreciate his blooper stuff but also would like to see his machining screw ups too. We all have them. I know I pretty much got away from modding OEM or 'made' parts. Someone brings you a $10k cylinder head and wants a $100 decking job on it. NOT ME! Too much risk and little reward. I'm out.
I've been watching his channel for a few years now. His subscriptions have surpassed some well know YT machining related channels established before he started.

I think one of the draws to his channel is the guy is young, he works outside sometimes, he uses lots of different equipment and he gets a lot done in an episode. This last factor is imho a huge reason his channel is fresh and not boring. I get the impression most people - who look for quality content - just want content creators to get on with it, and less faffing about / dragging stuff out.

A channel you may to check out is WelderFabber - he's from England and does no machining but a lot of welding, fabbing and repair work on construction equipment. Like CEE he gets a lot done, and mostly works outside. His channel has just 25K subscribers as it's not even a year old.
Honestly im reading some of the posts on this page and dont know how anyone on Youtube could ban/block anyone. Unless youre harrassing them and the creator is getting youtube involved.
Nah, some cretaers don't like to be corrected in the comments.
Harshes their buz bruh.
So they ban you from commenting.

YouTube isn't involved, just click block user from commenting.
You what?
you tube.. we do this on the river.
You video. Been doing that since way before personal computers.
The ring door thing records all but 99.999 percent not needed.
The other cameras make the wife feel happy to see the dog take a shit in the backyard.
Everyone has video of this or that. There is this is what I am eating for dinner. Have we all lost our minds?
Good or bad? This was the intention of building the net?