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Battery Shorted


Dec 20, 2021
Yesterday I used a car battery to get my Clark C50 propane forklift started. As I moved forward the battery bounced and wedged against the body sparking. I got it moved after about 2 seconds. Now the forklift has no power. I am not even sure where to start? On a car I would look at the fusible link followed by other fuses. On the forklift I am do not even know where to start - should I take the battery power cables and check them first?
I suggest you start by applying a multimeter to the various connection points and locate the bad contact......its quite likely if the battery shorted appreciably one of the terminals has melted inside the connector.....or even melted inside the battery. Id be very surprised if an old forklift has any fuses in the heavy starter cables.
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If you weren't going to secure the battery properly, then all you had to do was tape some wood, drywall, plastic, rubber doormat, drawer-liner, carpet, or even stout cardboard over the terminal/connector area of it.

Sometimes I have to learn the hard way.

Cleaned the terminals and all the connections and that was enough to get power again - it was a surprise as the connects did not look too bad but must have been enough to make a bad connection.
Unlike modern electronic crap ,1960s electrics is just about impossible to kill.........on my truck the wiring went up in smoke one day.....70s diesel ,so the motor kept going....anyhoo,all I could get was a big roll of gift sticky tape ......wrapped up the spots likely to short ,left most of the harness bare wire,and drove the truck for another month until I had time to repair the wiring.