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BCA Jig Borer


Mar 19, 2004
Princeton, NJ USA

I'm selling my BCA jig borer. It was a longtime goal of mine to own one of these rarely seen in the US machines. When one came up I jumped on it a few years ago. Soon after getting it an Aciera F2 came my way and while I'd like to keep the BCA I need the room and want to fund a new project. It is a Mark III machine and unusually it has a rectangular table. Some were made that way by the factory, however this one appears to be a later modification.

The machine came with the factory base, but I put the machine on a bench, the base has a couple of dings in the sheet metal as seen in the pics. The base is included in the price.

I added a new 120 V motor and a vari speed control which works well. The original motor is available if you want it, I also have the original switch which I removed. I sourced a nice rotary table for it too. That is also available separately. Table is good quality, made in Japan. The table has a couple of "oops" marks in it(not made by me!) Collets and drill chuck are included of course.

I also have a Pultra 10mm headstock and an unknown tailstock I was going to use to make a setup to hold parts to do indexing. This will require significant work to make, but its a start anyway.

You will need to pick this up in central NJ near Princeton.

BCA jig borer with collets, drill ckuck, low profile vise and original base: $1850.00
6" rotary table: $250.00
Head and tailstock to use as a DIY indexer: $100.00

Much more about the BCA is here:

BCA Jig Borer - Miller

Contact me at

loco lima @gmail.com remove spaces

More high res pics are here:

BCA Jig Borer for Sale | Flickr