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Best die sinker edm in comparison?

Aug 22, 2022
Which is the best die sinker edm in terms of Material removal rate (Mrr) ,low electrode wear and ease of programming ( machine should optimize its best parameter according to the cutting condition. I'm trying to compare multiple machines


2. Js Edm

3. Excetek



What is your suggestions ?
Hi Sachinmaharana396:
SteveEX30 has it right...all of the brands you cite are "Econo" brands...nowhere near top of the line for either of the criteria you want.

I have experience with Chmer (my wire EDM) and it is a solid machine of unspectacular performance, regarding both speed and precision/finish.

All sinkers are easy to program IMO...most of what you will do is drop a shaped electrode down and then orbit it out.
That's pretty undemanding for programming.

Those other brands you've cited...I've never even HEARD of them...they would be loser brands here in North America simply because you could never have confidence you could get them fixed when (not IF) they break.

If you're looking for good brands my favourites (if I had unlimited money) would be either a linear motor Sodick, or a Makino.

Sodick is a very good general purpose brand and Makino is top of the line especially for micro sized workpieces.

If I HAD to choose between the brands you cite, my choice would be Chmer...they make (or made) the econo models under license for Charmilles which used to be a premier Swiss brand.
I know the Chmer well, and it's been a solid machine for me...very reliable and easy to use once you get past the "Chinglish" instruction manuals.
I can also get it fixed when it breaks...the North American dealer is EDM Network and they have stood behind my machine very well over the years.


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