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Best Machine Shops


Jan 11, 2024

I didn't see any recent posts on this, so I apologize if it's a repeat.

I'm looking for the best machine shops in the northeast, but also the country in general. Specifically CNC machining, CNC turning, grinding, EDM and welding. Materials are typically 304/316 stainless, sometimes copper or brass. Ideally, they would also have in-house designers that can support various odd requests.

Ability to design small process vessels would also be a great adder (anything <6in diameter). The shapes for these are fairly simple, a designer would just have to combine multiple ideas into a final product.

This is to support pilot plant and lab operations for a large company. We currently have more work than our internal team can handle.

Thanks in advance for any help.
'Best' is a very broad brush and not particularly quantifiable, maybe most experienced in a particular niche, best fit for working with a particular type of client etc, etc.
There will be plenty of shops out there that will be able to get your work out to spec, on time and at a reasonable cost.
Asking right from the off for the 'best' seems a bit immature to me.
I'm thinking his point is the term "Best" is quite subjective and cannot be answered to any degree of accuracy or reality.
We do job shop work, cnc lathe mill grind, hone etc. No fabrication, Welding or Enginering. Send us a print we can quote anything from small parts to 63x30"x24" Located in MA.
So replace ‘best’ with recommendations.

“I’m looking for the recommendations shops in the North East…”

Doesn’t have the same ring to it. How about sharing what it is this purported biotech company is looking to manufacture?

“A designer would just have…”

No, that’s your job. If I have to design your process vessels/reactors for you, it will cost more than hiring a designer in-house.

So what exactly are you looking to have manufactured? Jim Bob’s tractor hub and excavator bucket shop is not going to give you the results of an ISO13485 pharma tech shop.