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Best practice for corner feed rate


Oct 19, 2023
Hello everyone, I’m on a Matsuura MC660VG with Yasnac J300.

I’m not sure what to do about corner feed rate : when I ran a program using G02/G03 I see a G107 message flashing on control (corner feed rate indication) and my feed is slowed down to 50mm/min.
The problem is that a file that should take 20 min to machine (simulation time from fusion360) take about 1:30 !
After reading manual, it seems like corner feed function can be deactivated using pm4031.

I really don’t know what to do, do I need to deactivate it ? Or maybe change the corner feed speed ? I don’t think it’s normal for a small 100mm round pocket to take 20min when a square of same dimension is done under 2 mins.

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What does your G107 line say? It sounds like it's programmed to slow way down in all the corners, though I'm not sure where you'd set that in Fusion 360. Maybe your post has a default in there?
I don’t have any G107 line in my code, the Yasnac detect every G02 and G03 because corner feed is active by default in my J300 parameters. The code outputting from fusion is OK regarding the feeds. It’s the J300 that slow them down (50mm/min instead of 1500mm/min is kinda annoying !)
You can disable G107, Had same issue on j300.
IIRC parameter 4031 set D2 = 0, 0416=0 0417=0
Automatic arc-corner feedrate designation function The function automatically determines the feedrate to be applied to movements along arc-comers so that the tolerance (error between the programmed arc and the actual tool path) at the arc shaped (G02, G03) comers will be equal to the value set for the parameter. This function is valid when both of the following requirements are satisfied. ● Parameterpm4031 D2 = 1 ● A value equal to or greater than” 1” is set for arc tolerance parameter pm041 6 (“mm” mode) or pm0417 (“inch” mode)
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Just remember that the estimated time from CAM to machine is not exact. There is normally some variation. Obviously not to the extent you are seeing.