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Best way for obtaining new work

If you dive into the job shop world, you will be competing with everyone that can ship by UPS, and prices will show that.

Have you looked at wastewater treatment plants? I worked in that industry for most of my career and they go through a lot of parts, usually much faster than other industries. Some of the equipment in these plants is old and finding parts can be difficult, so if you can supply them, that might be profitable for you. Line boring as mentioned above could be useful here, especially if you can do it on site. We didn’t use much in the way of hydraulics, so when something failed, or we needed parts made, we would not call around to the local hydraulics shops. You will need to visit each plant and let them know what you are capable of. The wastewater industry also has small regional trade shows, getting a booth there can help expose you to these plants, but it will also expose you to reps from the equipment suppliers. You might be able to get work from them by getting contacts with the various equipment manufacturers.

Are you able to do gearbox repairs? Lots of gearboxes in many of the wastewater plant clarifiers, so that might be an area to look into. This is a company that makes sludge collectors, these wear out fairly quickly, so if the plants are using these in your area, you might be able to make and stock the wear shoes. https://www.brentwoodindustries.com/products/water-wastewater/

This is the wastewater association for Ohio and would be a good place to start to investigate the wastewater industry. https://www.ohiowea.org/ WV will have one as well depending on if you wanted exposure in that state as well.