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Blum Tool Height Setter - Speedio Options


Jan 26, 2009
Bay Area, CA
I received word from Yamazen that my machine is ready to be delivered. Does anyone have positive/negative experiences with the Blum tool setters. I purchased the Z-Nano with the machine, but I let the salesman know that I may change course before the machine shipped. The options I am considering are:

Z-Nano IR
ZX-Speed IR

Priorities are accuracy/precision and robustness. I am leaning towards the Z-Nano IR to allow for more flexibility in table placement. The ZX-Speed sounds interesting, but it seems that laser would be the way to go for diameter and height. What are you guys experience?

Also, this is a D00 control. I don't think that matter when it comes to the tool setter, but I figured I would call it out just in case.

I have a total of 6 Z-nano's and have nothing but good things to say. I can set tools down to .007" diameter so far with no worries of bending or breaking even .028" 20xD drills. No failures so far, and we break check at least 50% of the tools in each program, all day every day.

I hit one at full rapid with a 1/2" endmill. It didn't even phase the tool setter, other than putting a nice shadow of 3 flutes in the top surface.
Thanks Matt. Any issues with cable on the Z-Nano? I remember reading about any issue with entanglement, but I think that was with the W1000 machine. Do you have the IR version on any of them?
I have 7.5 years on a Blum Z-Nano hardwired. No issues. At all. Like, it just works exactly as expected all the time.

I have mine mounted at the back left corner of the table, almost at the limits of the axes, to keep it out of the way.


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