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bridgeport interact 1 spindle stutter issue


May 6, 2024
hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my Bridgeport interact 1. When my machine is running a program and the tool is engaged in auto the machine spindle works fine up until the machine is put in manual, and then it has a stutter in the drive like the bearing is going out or the motor is seizing. i have turned my machine off and restarted it and everything flops and does the exact opposite. has anyone run into this problem before and if so, what was done to rectify the problem. TIA for any and all advice.
Could it be that the brake is acting errratically? EMO string problem?

Given that the spindle motor is turned on manually, there's almost no difference between manual and auto as far as the drive and control is concerned. And the fact that the states flip after repowering up could mean it has nothing to do with the drive or control.

Odd. I am assuming, perhaps erroneously, that you have the original AC spindle motor?
I'm not 100% sure but I do believe it's the original ac motor. I blew out all the dust and it worked fine for about 5 minutes and then back to shooting craps on me.
The OEM spindle motor is a 3 phase induction motor, no brushes involved.

Crunch- if you could post a pic of the motor nameplate, we could tell you if it's original or not.

At least you got some change after the cleaning, which is a hint. Could be that there's a loose connection somewhere that was moved during the cleaning.

If it were me, I'd look for loose connections. Have you verified the connections/wires in the motor junction box?