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Bridgeport Milling Table Problem


Dec 17, 2014
I just picked up a 1980 Bridgeport series 1 2J mill at an auction. The machine is in good shape, but I hope I didn't damage it moving it into my shop. To get in the door I had to extend the table all the way to the left and spin the machine around the door frame to maneuver it in. I LIGHTLY bumped the end of the table on the metal door jamb as I came through the opening. Nothing got bent (there wasn't even a mark on the door jamb).
I got it into the room, but now the table won't crank back to the right. The handles will rotate a turn or two (in the direction of making the table go right) but then they seem to bind. I loosened the way screw just in case and still nothing. If I rotate the cranks the turn or two they will move, I can manually push the table to the right a quarter inch or so but that's it. The table cranks to the left with no issue
Please tell me I didn't seriously screw something up! My plan is to remove the table and look for damage this weekend if i can't get it free'd up. Does anyone have an idea what may have happened? Is there an easy fix?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks-
I would check the lead screw nut. I bought a mill that did something similar. The nut was missing the bolt that holds it in place. The feed nut got knocked loose. In one direction it would pull the table, in other direction the feed nut would unscrew itself instead of pull table.