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Bridgeport Table Help


Dec 17, 2014
I just purchased a 1980 Bridgeport Series 1 2J mill at an auction. The machine is in great shape, but I've encountered a problem while moving it into my shop. To get it through the door, I had to extend the table all the way to the left of its travel and rotate the machine around the door jamb. As I maneuvered the machine through the doorway the left end of the table LIGHTLY bumped the jamb.
Now the table will not crank back to the right. I can turn the crank a rotation or two and it feels like it gets tight. At that point I can push the table a quarter inch or so to the right and then I can turn the crank another rotation of two but then it binds again. I'm sure I misaligned something when it got bumped, but now I'm not sure how to remedy the situation.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.