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brook crompton parkinson motor wiring issues


Feb 15, 2024
Surrey uk
Hi newbie here and I desperately need some help with my motor wiring, but being a complete novice please bear with me. I recently purchased an old Myford ML7 lathe but the wiring set up wasn't suitable for my location so need to pretty much start again, and i've dismantled that setup and need to start again. I have included some images so you can see what I have....
The only images I can find of these motor's generally have four terminals not three like mine !
Now the original wiring it came with allowed the motor to be run in forward and reverse but I dont think I will need it to run in reverse so I assume that may make the wiring a little more simple.As you can see in the images there are two wires adrift, the blue and the red with green tracer, these were attached to external wiring that I removed...can anyone tell me which terminals these loose wires should go to also which terminals I need to connect to to wire up directly to a plug to test run the motor please. If anyone has or can provide a link to any images of an identical motor and wiring that would be appreciated as I cannot find any.
And I'm also assuming if I don't need to fit a forward reverse switch that I could then just fit an NVR switch....please advise.
I must point out I have little or no understanding of electric motors or the wiring of them which is why i'm reaching out for your help as I want this to be safe....many thanks for any help.....

cheers Keith


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