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Brown and Sharpe #10 Tool and Cutter grinder

I guess the issue is that I have no idea how well equipped it is because I don't know what it came with to begin with. I have been googling trying to find a parts/service manual, but no luck. The machine is actually at work, so i'm gonna try to get some photos of it and post them up and maybe you guys can help me figure out how complete it is.
i have most the manual i can find
Alec Ryals
[email protected]
Brown and Sharpe also made a model 10 N.
If that is what you have rather than the older plain Model 10 I might be able to help you since I own a 10N
I have attached a picture of it.

The picture below i the 10 from the 30's


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I really wonder who came up with this design first. Cincinnati #2 or the Brown and Sharpe #10. In my travels in life, I have come to know the Cincinnati #2 as the "go to" tool cutter grinder to have. I really did not know much about the B&S #10. There are way more C#2 grinders on ebay, and hardly any B&S#10 grinders.

Didn't B&S make a #5 grinder, which was the size of a Cincy #1 TC grinder?

I also wonder the linkage between the Pratt and Whitney Radius tool grinder, and the Cincinnati MonoSet. I really believe the P&W came first, to sharpen cutters for the Keller machines. Later MonoSets had the sine bar to set twist on the workhead, think to sharpen end mill flutes by generating the spiral. Later I have seen MonoSets made by OK Industries and I even someone else later on.

I personally have a B&S#13, and because of the plain (non roller) table ways, I can't see it ever being a good T&C grinder. I leave mine set up for cylindrical grinding work.

It looks like it has a knee, instead of the elevating column post.
Not the best design for grit ingress. I guess the elevating column
is OK as long as the accordion boot is in good shape. Those boots
have to be pricy today.