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Brown and Sharpe 21 collets vs ER style for K&T 2H Plain


Jan 31, 2023
Independence, MN
I have my mill running (a few bugs left) but only cutters that fit on arbors. I want a way to hold something like an endmill or drill/mill. I have one tool holder that uses Brown and Sharpe #21 collets. My question is, should I bite the bullet and buy a different holder to hold something like ER 32 or ER 40 collets or just stick with the B&S 21? I can't fit anything but a Brown and Sharpe 21 collet in my holder can I? There are 21 style collets on Ebay and other locations but before I start to buy anything I thought some input from more experienced users is in order. The mill takes NMTB 50. Since it is quite large should I get a 50 to 40 adapter and go from there? There seems to be more options in the NMBT 40 size.

I am looking to hold cutters, not stock.



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