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Can a three phase lathe be connected to single phase of the proper voltage to just turn the lathe and check functions?


Oct 13, 2022
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I have a recent acquisition of a Clausing Colchester 8000 series lathe (15x50). The building it is in only has single phase power. Where it will eventually reside will have proper 3 phase power. Is it possible to run this lathe using single phase on 2 legs, like a rotary converter, just to power the lathe. This will not be used for any work, just to see how it all turns. Check speeds, travel, threading speeds etc.

The 3 phase taps will accept these voltages: 240, 480, 208 and 575. Equipment in the shop currently run either 220V 3 phase or 440V 3 phase. We either tap off the rotary converter or the transformer sitting next to it.

Thanks for any ideas, suggestions or recommendations.
Shop I was in years ago had a 3 ph lathe on single phase power.
We had to switch in on and be ready to turn it off if it didnt start right up, rotate spindle a little and try again.
Think of it as rope starting a RPC motor. This was an OLD lathe with no electronics of any kind other than the on-off switch and the motor.
The motor should run at about 1/2 or 2/3 power, enough to test functions for your lathe. We used that old one like that for many years.
If you could have the spindle/motor turning as you turn it on that will probably help it to start.