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Cat 40 Quick Change For Lathe Turrett


Jan 25, 2013
United States
Good Morning fellas
I have a question im throwing at you guys that a younger operator asked me. We have a Mazak QTS 350 MY lathe and it has cat40 live tooling pockets.
He asked if there was "quick change" possibility for those cat40 holders. As it is there is a bolt that has to be loosened/removed to change them out. He wondered if there was something that could be added to make it change out like a vertical mill. He means like when you move the spindle out and press the release button and the holder drops free then you stick another back in and hi the button and it locks it back in. Just looking for input.
I suggested changing the live pockets on the turret to capto connection but that would be very expensive.
You guys got some input? Im all ears.👂
Something like an Erickson QC setup.
Think the “Capto” would be the better choice.
A std power drawbar setup with hydraulic cylinder and gripper would require lots of length.

Likely the easiest would be power driver/ cordless drill to run the retaining bolt.
Cheers Ross
No, power drawbars take up a lot of room and those live tooling blocks don't have nearly enough.

It's been a few years since I saw one of those Mazaks. Is the bolt accessible when a cutting tool is installed?