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Catia post Gcode problem with G41, G42 and D (offset number)


Dec 1, 2013
Hello everyone,

I'm currently working with two toolpaths in machining, each with the option of generating a 2D radial profile in the compensation output. I'm looking to create a G-code with G41 and D (offset number) for each profile contour.

The issue I'm facing is that my current code includes the G41 and D1 (offset number) for profile contour 1 but not for profile contour 2.

I'm seeking guidance on how to ensure that the D1 (offset number) is included in the G-code for all G41 instances when using the post processor in CATIA. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My post-processor and post-processor words table are named fanuc21i.lib and IMS.pptable, respectively.
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As long as there is a G41 or G42, the D1 will stay active throught the path until a different diameter callout is given.
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Sure, but G41 is called up on a couple lines lower. The machine will continue to read the tool D until the D callout is changed on the next tool.
G40 is canceling comp above the second toolpath.
As Woflkid mentioned, the D-word remains active until it's changed.
In fact I always make my toolchanges as:
T101 M06
G00 G43 H01 D01

and after that there is no more D-call until either another toolchange or if I want to use a different offset for the same tool.