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Centurion 6 DNC is outsmarting me, any help appreciated


Nov 2, 2022
Hi All,

We have a partner 5 w. Cent6 controls. We usually send over files via RS232 using Realterm on the computer. It takes a long time but it generally works fine. I'm trying to run a part now that is too large to download onto the machine and I'd like to use DNC. I followed the manual I think, set the machine to receive DNC, hit send on the computer, the machine gives me the option of a start command and notifies me of what tool is in the spindle, all things that look right and reasonable, the problem is that as soon as I hit cycle start it generally gives me an "error 501" followed by an illegal character sometimes it's 3, others it's 8, I've seen 4 a few times. Has anyone had success with this. I know we've used DNC before to this machine but it's been so long everyone here's forgotten how.

Thanks much!